Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 7, 2013

· C.A. – PRAISE! God has been so good to me.
· R.T. – PRAISE! For answered prayer for granddaughter.
· S.C. – PRAISE! Father’s tested negative for cancer and mass is no larger.
· A.L. – Self and kids to continue to walk closely with the Lord.
· K.L. – Guidance in major decision and financial blessing.
· S.M. – For family.
· S.W. – For son
· R.R. – For financial needs and house expansion.
· I.M. - For pay to come on time and husband comes to church from now on.
· B.B. – For strength, faith, forgiveness and contempt with the time with wife.
· M.S. – Move forward on matter with husband and grow stronger as a couple, family with God.
· M. A. – For patience, internal strength, and better understanding for my purpose.
· R.S. – We will be able to get involved in church more soon.
· C.F. – For daughters as they struggle right now. Help Taylor and Mason to make the right decision for their future. Morgan to have strength as she struggles to find her place in the family.
· L.S. – For nieces and roommate to come to church.
· L.K. – For employment.
· C.F. – For family finances and jobs. For doctors appointment. For Josh’s drill and Marine brothers who prepare to deploy.
· A.L. – For Craig Watson healing from recent surgery.
· C.A. – For financial blessings, job interview, and money for church camps and proper tithing.
· K.R. – For me to watch my words and have patience. Daughter to show more respect for others. Blessing for a successful job.
· J.D. – For Domingo Lugo, Duran Family, and Gloria Chapin.
· T.S. – For Jose Perez who had a stroke and diagnosed with dementia and family being able to handle situation.
· M.P. – For grandfather’s recovery.
· D.M. – For good return to work.
· T.B. – For James who marriage is ending, for friend who overdosed, and my family.
· R.M. – For family strength.
· M.B. – For father-in-law who is very ill.
· A.A. – For a safe trip and for my brother to keep going to church.
·  D.R. – For healing for friend’s daughter in ICU.
· J.W. – For healing for Judy Wilson who is in the hospital.
· L.A. – For Erica’s mother’s surgery.
· B.D. – For continued work and strength.
· P.H. – For son in jail and daughter and her boyfriend’s relationship.
· N.F. – For uncle’s health, ex-roommate’s peace, and a great workout.
· S.K. – For safe job travel and family to adjust.
· R.T. – For step-son to find a job and all family to find God.
· J.M. – For wisdom, knowledge, understanding, skills, good attitude, faith, right decision making, job improvement, & patience.
· A.D. – For continued healing for Anita, health for JoAnne, Calmness in new home for Deb, and love and Strength for Denise.
· L.T. – For guidance and wisdom on job status and strength and obedience.
· S.T. – For finances, healing and family.
· V.C. – For legal, professional, and spiritual matters.
· J.D. – For self and Victoria.
· N.W. – For marriage, financial, and custody issues.
· A.W. – For self and marriage
 · L.A. – For daughter who has lost her way.
· J.S. – For strength in marriage.
· R.O. – For Maria’s foot to heal and relationships with family.
· I.G. – For employer’s products get fixed without major issues.
· M.O. – For guidance in job.
· D.V. – For peace, health, and unity.
· J.W. – For knee surgery and marriage conference.

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